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Construction is the process by which any kind of infrastructure is built. Construction industry is a huge multi billion dollar global industry and provides number of job opportunities for skilled people. As every building requires construction trade workers, there are lots of positions available for people who dream to make a career in this industry. 

Skilled labors are always in demand in this industry. Some of the common jobs which are in demand are plumbers, electricians, masons, carpenters, roofers and painters etc. These jobs require skilled workers especially if the infrastructure is huge.

Construction trade also provides opportunity for architects and engineers who design the infrastructure. There are also many opportunities in the managerial or supervisory level. Project managers or supervisors help to run the construction process smoothly according to the plan and timeline. 

As any kind of infrastructure requires construction and maintenance work, the industry always has a steady demand for skilled labor. There are several types of construction which requires different skill sets. 

Some of them are residential, commercial, industrial and civil construction. Among these, civil construction is a large scale project which requires experience and provides jobs for thousands of people. Examples of civil construction are construction of dams or highways which are built for public use.


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