Building a Gazebo with a Kit

A gazebo, when added to the garden, can lend character and beauty to the place. With carefully thought out designs, lighting, and décor, it can give a fun ambience or a romantic feel to the garden. A gazebo also has many functional uses, more notably as a place to rest or to entertain guests.

If you are considering building a gazebo in your garden, there are several options available. You can purchase DIY kits that let you put up the gazebo yourself using the prefabricated pieces in the kit and supplies that you can buy at your local hardware store. These kits may be purchased over the internet or in stores. You can also search online for blueprints, or have one specifically designed, and hire a contractor to build it.

In most cases, the more economical choice is to buy a DIY kit and install it yourself with the help of family and friends. If you plan to do this, then you would need to choose a spot in your garden for the gazebo. But before anything else, check with your local government if you would need to secure a building permit for this type of work.

When all the paperwork is done and you've already ordered the kit and are waiting for it to arrive, you can start work by clearing the area. Make sure the area is level. There should be no rocks and rubbles left on the ground. You also need to have a solid foundation for the gazebo. Depending on the design, the foundation may be made of concrete or of wood. If you plan to use wood, use plywood to frame the area.

Once the gazebo kit arrives, unpack it. Separate the parts for the walls, the ceiling, and the flooring. There may be some additional supplies that you would need to buy locally. Make sure everything is complete when you start to assemble the gazebo. Also have all the tools needed ready. Go over the instruction manual enclosed in the kit so as to avoid rework.

Start with assembling the floor. Work on it section by section. Once this is done, move on to the walls, then the ceiling. Follow the instructions properly.

As gazebos are typically outdoor structures, take note of the material used. The material should be weatherproof and sturdy. Gazebos may be made out of vinyl or wood. Vinyl is a good choice as it is maintenance free. It can withstand the sun and rain. If you want the structure to be made of wood, carefully consider the type of wood. For example, cedar is a great choice as it is light and won't easily warp and bend. Pine, on the other hand, may be very affordable but may decay quite fast depending on the weather. Most kits use vinyl.



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