What to Lookout for When Designing the Perfect Bathroom

When we are thinking of building our dream home, one of the more important areas that we really need to devote some time to designing is the bathroom. It may be considered by many as a hard place to design due to space constraints. For some, it may also be because of the provisions that one needs to plan for. Regardless of any restrictions, it is important to have a well-designed bathroom at home. It is one place in the house that is being used not only by the family but may be used by visitors and guests as well. Thus, there are several things you need to consider and look out for.


First and foremost is the layout of the bathroom. How many people use the bathroom? Is there enough cabinet space and counter space in the design? If the whole family uses this particular bathroom, sit down and discuss the layout with everyone. The layout should also include the location of towel racks, soap and toiletry holders, tissue holders, mirrors, and the like. Make sure the location of each of these is convenient for the user and that the provisions are enough for everyone.

When mulling over the layout, check the doors. Make sure the different doors and drawers do not get in the way of each other when open. These include the bathroom door, the shower enclosure, cabinet drawers, and shelving doors. Also consider the presence of windows, vents, and other provisions and wall details that cannot be moved or altered.

What do you plan to put in the bathroom? Discuss possible inclusions such as a Jacuzzi, a whirlpool, or a bathtub.


As much as possible, have all the water supply, drainage, and ventilation pipes in one side of the bathroom. This can help you save money. Further, in the event of leaks and repairs, only one side is affected.


Think through about the location of the switches, outlets and lights. Bear in mind the types of lights that you would like to install in different parts of the bathroom – bright light, warm light, or soft light. For example, would you like a bright light to be placed in the area with the mirror? Or would you rather have warm light?

If you plan to put in a Jacuzzi or a whirlpool, plan ahead for the needed provisions. Also make sure you have proper mood lighting set up near these. It may be a good idea to add dimmers to lighting for specific places of the bathroom.

Choice of Materials and Design of Fixtures

Have a color scheme and design that you really want for your bathroom. It will greatly affect the overall look and feel of the area. Also have an idea of the concept or style that you want to show. This is vital because the colors, cabinets, and fixtures should be in consonance with the design concept. This will help you personalize the space.

In as much as the design of the fixtures is important, the choice of materials is equally crucial to ensuring that the bathroom’s look and feel will not wear away easily. Consider the ease of maintenance when evaluating the type of materials to use. As much as possible, these should be washable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

Once you have done all these, put the design you have in mind to paper. Check out bathroom designs on the internet or in magazines to help you put the finishing touches to your perfect bathroom.



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