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Flooring is a universal fixture of every kind of home on the market. No matter how much or how little the place costs, some kind of flooring material covers the ground underneath. A lot of times, the main difference is in the expense of the materials. While there are low end and high end versions of almost every kind of material, they every type of material has its own unique characteristics regardless of price point. At the same time, every type of flooring material is going to be good for a specific type of floor's usage patterns. The following are the most common types of flooring materials on the market today.


A tile is generally a square of a solid material, such as granite or ceramic. Of course, tile can be as expensive as marble or as cheap as the peel and stick variety made out of polyurethane. Tiles are great for any area that requires a surface that will shed and be impervious to water, tiles can be attached very firmly and they tend to last a very long time. The longest lasting variety of floor is tile by far.


Carpet is the least durable type of flooring material, but it is the most popular with many people because of its tendency to hold heat. When you step on most kinds of floors during the winter time, unless they are heated from underneath they are extremely cold. Even if the air above is warm, the coldness on your feet will fill you with a feeling of cold. Carpet, on the other hand, will allow you to feel far warmer. However, carpet holds dirt and other contaminants better than any other kind of flooring.


Hardwood floors are very durable and hold their value better than any other variety in the medium price range. While hardwood is very durable against damage caused by abrasion and wear, it is very weak against water.


Laminate floors often simulate wood visually, but are often made of less durable and more cost effective plastics. While less expensive on the whole, laminate is still a very effective type of material.


A linoleum floor can take the most punishment of any variety besides concrete. With a linoleum floor, you will have a lot of options, and most will not be very fancy. However, these options will allow you to lay down the floor and provide it with minimal maintenance for the rest of your natural life. Linoleum's wear characteristics are almost always extremely good, and linoleum comes in a huge number of colors and visual textures.



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