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Construction tools come in all types of sizes, price ranges and capabilities. What works very well from one vendor in a particular category of tool may work terribly in another, even though the two tools may look all but identical. While brands are not the best reason to buy anything, there are times when the right brand is made the right way. In those times, it can be important to spend carefully. This is especially true if your livelihood depends on efficiently constructing something for yourself or a paying client. The following are some of the major brands you're likely to come across.


On the whole, Stanley tools are considered less effective than most others. While they are inexpensive and reliable, they tend to be constructed poorly and are prone to easy breakage. Construction sites are not gentle places, and a poorly constructed tool tends to result in a poorly constructed building. However, if cash flow is tight and you treat it well, a Stanley tool can get the job done until you can afford something better.


Ryobi tools are known to be inexpensive, but they are not cheap. Most of the time, a Ryobi tool will do the job very well, as they are very accurate and well made for the price. While Ryobi tools are not as precise as Bosch or Makita as a general rule, they easily do well enough for most construction work. For finer work like cabinetry, these tools may not be precise enough.


Bosch is one of the most reliable and durable brands in existence. Bosch tools are known to last a very long time, are made to precise tolerances and can tolerate even the most rigorous usage. Unless you literally beat your tools, Bosch products will last you a very long time and be good for whatever types of projects you choose to use them for.


Craftsman tools have a reputation for being of high quality that they have not deserved for a long time. Couple that with the fact that Craftsman no longer offers the outstanding guarantees that made them famous in the first place, and you end up paying primarily for a brand name that no longer delivers enough value to justify its costs.


Makita is known for making very precise, well made tools. While not as durable as Bosch, they tend to occupy a slightly lower price point. Unless you want to buy one tool and pass it on as a family heirloom or you abuse your tools, Makita should be durable enough for all of your needs.



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