Process to Acquire a General Contractor License

Contractors have suffered over the past few years, but they are still operating all over the place. A lot of young people see construction work as a means of making a good living by doing something that is very fulfilling. Creating a home or updating an existing one is a lot of work, but it produces a great and lasting end result. However, becoming a contractor involves more than simply purchasing a pickup truck and printing up a few business cards. To be a contractor, one needs to undergo tests and meet certain criteria that not everyone has the ability to meet. The following are many of the steps required to become a general contractor.


Being identifiable is one of the most important steps in becoming a contractor. If you can't be identified, who can say if you're a reputable person? While having skills is important, the reason identification is on here first is because it is even more important to show that you're on the level and can be trusted in people's homes. Without this basic level of trust, no amount of skills will mean anything.

Some of the basic parts of the identification process are two photos of approximately passport size, proof of citizenship or the right to work in the United States and explanations for any liens or lawsuits resulting from previous contracting work you may have done in the past.

Basic Skills

The basic skills of a general contractor are myriad. While some people might assume that the only skills a person might need to be a contractor are those involving swinging a hammer and inspecting a work site for safety and a properly done job, this is only a small part of the whole. In addition to these core skills, a general contractor also needs to be able to manage the financial and other business aspects of running a construction business. In addition to this, a contractor also needs to have the skills to work with other people effectively. While there is no formal test for basic social skills, it is very rare that a contractor with a harsh and grating personality does especially well.

Financial Means

To start a construction business, an individual needs to have some basic financial means. In many states, the prospective contractor needs to post a bond to the state. Additionally, workers compensation and liability insurance are also very important components of the process. On top of all of this, the tools required of a contractor also require some initial capital outlay.



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