Eco-Star Ratings Explained

The trend has moved towards using energy efficient products as the onus of using energy efficient products lies with us. More importantly, the concept of green energy is becoming more real now. In developing countries, more and more people are installing solar water heaters. Very soon, solar panels could power the electricity consumption of millions of homes.

All this creates a positive impact on the environment. Considering that greenhouse gases are puncturing the protective sheath called the Ozone layer in the atmosphere, it is time to reduce greenhouse gases. It is time to switch to bio- fuel from fossil fuel. It is time to collectively reduce our carbon footprint, and save our planet from an inevitable environmental apocalypse.

About Eco Star ratings

Eco Star ratings are given for products based on their level of energy efficiency and environmental friendliness. The assessment is based on various factors. The life cycle of a product is laid out, and the impacts associated with each stage to the environment are gauged.

This includes procuring raw materials, manufacturing the product or service, distribution, transportation and disposal. Some products create less environmental impact across these stages, while some may not. Manufacturers modify the life-cycle of a product or service to reduce their impact on the environment. On successful completion of this process, they are able to create the same product, but with absolutely no environmental impact.

Environmental friendly products may not be so

Many products are marketed as environmental friendly. But this may not be the case. Considering the life-cycle of the product, there could certain stages that create a negative impact on the environment. If a product is biodegradable, it may cause environmental hazards during raw material procurement. If a product causes less environmental impact during the manufacturing process, it may still not be biodegradable.

The Eco Star rating identifies truly environmental friendly products. Manufacturers have to concentrate on reducing environmental impacts across the lifecycle of the product, and not just one stage of it. This is the key to get Eco Star certification.

Energy Star

Energy Star belongs to the class of Eco Star ratings. It is an international product rating organization. It rates energy efficient and environmentally friendly products. Consumers may safely buy products certified by Energy Star.

There are plenty of other rating systems. Eco Star ratings appear in various manifestations across the world. Some notable ones are Australian Window Association Window Energy Rating Scheme, Gas Energy Rating, Water Efficiency Labeling and Standards, and GreenSmart.



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