What To Do Before You Build A Deck

One of the primary features involved in the construction of your home is the deck. You can build a deck on your own even if you do not know carpentry. You need not employ a professional who knows how to build decks.

A deck project is not a complicated one, and you can safely lay your hands on one. Building a deck needs a plan of action and plan of completion. Without this, your deck will never come through in the desired proportions.

Sketching out the plan

Plan the building of the deck with the use of a rough sketch. You don’t need excellent diagramming skills or need to be an architect for this. Just pure common sense will do. Use a lead pencil, eraser, a ruler, and a paper to draw out the deck.

Identify the measurements of the deck. You need to include these measurements on the diagrammatic representation of the deck. You can use this sketch as a reference to buy materials used for its construction.

Other important factors

After building the initial sketch of the deck, there are some other things that you need to keep in mind. These issues apply only if you are building the deck for the first time. Consider the layout of the deck. You need to understand how it is going to be attached to an area in your home. You need to calculate the number of posts, footings, beam-size, joist-size, side of deck board, wood-type, amongst a lot many other things.

Learning to use the tools

You need tape measures to measure the layout of the deck structure. You use chalk to identify places where you will saw, cut, or drill nails. You also need nails, hammers, saw, and so on.

When building the deck, you are exposed to wood fibers. The fibers may get into your eyes. You protect your eyes from these fibers by wearing eye wear. If you have swimming goggles, this should be fine.

You need a wrench when working with wood. If you are working with hardwood, sometimes the nails won’t drill in easily. Using the wrench, you pull out lag nails. There are some types of hammers that also have a wrench.

Try procuring tools that have multipurpose usage. You can find them at your local home improvement store. You can also think of investing in such a tool-set for long term use. If it was a deck today, you may build something else tomorrow.



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