Tips to Create The Perfect Living Room Layout

How to make the perfect living room layout? If you are one of those people who spent time and money figuring this out, then the following tips will help you find the answer.

When you spend more time investing in the aesthetics of your living room, and less time living in it, then there’s a problem. You have to look for different ways to refurbish your living room. So how do you do it? Here’s how.

Spend time reading home décor magazines

You need to feed your mind to get ideas. Chances are less that you are a genius in your own right to cough up divine imagination on living room layout ideas. Subscribe to a magazine that deals in home decoration ideas. Look at such magazines, and cut living room layouts that you are drawn too. Keep a record of all these collections. Look at them whenever you are free. Chances are that you will ultimately understand what you want.

Your living room should have a center-point of attention

This is also called the focal point of your living room. A living room without a focal point is not in perfect symmetry. A focal point allows you to organize things around that. The focal point can be a piece of furniture, an exotic plant, a fireplace, a fountain and so on.

The focal point and its distance from other things should have a balance and proportion. Achieving the perfect symmetry in your living room is also giving it some definition. And the key to that is to identify a focal point.

De-cluttering your living room

When you have a focal point in your living room, the rest of the things are easy to arrange. You de-clutter your living room by identifying redundancy and removing it. For example, there could be two chairs in one place. You can space these chairs to reduce redundancy of the place. Redundancy in this context means clubbing together repeated things or giving them space.

Don't keep furniture to the wall

Don’t keep all furniture against the wall. Keep a section of furniture in a ‘’huddle’’. You can keep another section of furniture against the wall. This way you create room for a conversation and also create space for solitude.

Color contrasts

Ideating on the color contrasts in your living room is an infinite subject. But you need to understand that the identification of colors is the function of your living room space, theme, furniture and your lifestyle.



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