2 Top Tips to Be Safe Around Electrical Systems and Appliances

It is better to be safe than sorry. When it comes to electricity, you have to accord it maximum respect. Electrical appliances, junction boxes, and circuit are havens of electrical activity. Ensuring electrical safety is not just yours, but everyone's responsibility.

Use electrical testers if you are unsure about electricity passing through something. Do not touch a suspicious object with bare hands. Install reliable circuit breakers and fuses. Understand their usage. Respond to weather implications on electrical systems. Weather plays havoc to electrical systems.

The more knowledgeable you are on electrical systems and safety; you equip yourself to handle electrical installation disasters during tornadoes, hurricanes and thunderstorms. Even one person with adequate knowledge on handling electrical systems can save the lives of hundreds of people.

1) The impact of weather on electrical systems and how to manage it

Bad weather snaps electrical lines from the main power grid, from the local transformer, and the electrical installation in your home. It can unleash electricity all around. Since water is a conductor of electricity, the thunderstorms create a bed of electrocuted water all around.

You can protect people and electrical installations by a mechanism called surge protection. Surge protectors protect your electrical and electronic devices. Surge protectors are installed locally, on your appliances, or by way of a fuse. Local transformers in your locality may have surge protectors to thwart high-voltage influxes due to lighting.

2) General electrical safety tips in and around your home

Electricity is everywhere, but controlled. The problem happens when it gets out of control. Whenever you work with electricity shut off the power supply. Use a wooden ladder to reach electricity poles. Don't use metal ladders.

Keep an electric tester in hand. Before touching a wire, use the tester to determine if voltage is flowing in the wire. Use plastic gloves when working with electrical wires. Always wear shoes with thick soles. This prevents the electric current from using your body to reach the ground. Remember that electricity is always trying to reach Earth, due to the gravitation pull of the Earth.

Switch of the power supply during thunderstorms. This is a safe way to prevent voltage surges destroying your electrical appliances. It may be inconvenient, but it is an effective way to stay safe.


Electrical safety should be introduced at the primary education level. This can reduce the number of fatalities that happen every year due to incorrect handling of electrical systems.



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