Tips to Design the Perfect Garage

A garage is not a messy storage area where you dump everything without thinking about organizing it. Do not have a garage that looks like a storage area that also houses your vehicles. You don’t need to accept the messy affair in your garage. You can change the way your garage looks. Remember, great minds found their inspiration in the garage. So never underestimate the power of the garage!

Your garage is a place where you can explore your creativity in organizing and arranging things according to your liking. You can be the architect of your garage, and see how well you do. Since the garage is not a place where you will live, you can safely change it, and not worry about making a mess of it.

How do you organize your garage?

Sectorize space in your garage for a specific activity. Construct a cardboard four-walled enclosure that will be the section where tools and spares are stored. Another such four-walled structure could be the place where you place your personal belongings before you get to work.

Your garage may also be a place where you pursue your hobbies. So why not designate a small portion of the real estate in your garage for that purpose?

Developing a blue print

Before starting to refurbish or completely overhaul the look and feel of your garage, put down your ideas on paper. Envision what your garage will look like. Sketch out the details. You see, as told earlier, the garage is a place where you can test your skills on construction planning and execution.

Like Steve Jobs, and Bill Gates, you could be the next in line in the list of people who found their actual self-worth in the garage!

Buying recycled stuff to decorate your garage

Your garage is a place where a lot of rough activities happen. You cannot obviously tile your garage. You may leave the floor as it is. But you can always increase the aesthetics in your garage. Why not decorate the walls with a theme-based wall paper? Or you could have some mural art that fuses ancient mechanics with the modern?

Search the Internet for such design ideas. You can spray-paint such stuff on the walls. But remember not to add to the mess!


Now you may be wondering how important your garage is after reading this article. Yes, your garage is important. And you can make it worth its stature with some quality designs and perfect organization.



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