Maintain Your Mining Permit

One of the best days of your life may have been when you first obtained your mining permit. To think that buried in the earth is your potential fortune is truly magical. Of course, since then the reality of how hard mining and reclamation are has no doubt taken away some of your excitement. But nonetheless, getting your mining permit was nowhere near the final step in the process. You're also going to have to keep your mining permit if you intend to continue harvesting new wealth from the ground. There are some important parts of this process, and missing even one could give you a lot of unnecessary headaches.

Pay Your Taxes

Paying taxes isn't very glorious work, and it isn't even enjoyable to do. But if you don't pay your taxes, your mining permit will eventually crumble under the pressure taxing authorities impose on everyone else. If you aren't making any money, you can deduct your way out of the tax burden. If you are, you owe the piper his payment. There's no reasonable way to get out of paying your taxes, especially considering that trying to do so threatens your income.

Reclaim the Land

Land reclamation is a requirement all over the place. Once you've extracted what you can from under the ground, anything you've stripped away needs to be replaced quickly and properly. If you don't do this, you won't have the right to mine for very much longer. Mining responsibly means making sure that when you take away from an area, you also give back to it. Stripping away the soil, the plant life and the habitats of the local fauna is only acceptable if you replace these things promptly after you've mined all that the area can yield.

Enforce Safety Standards

Mining used to be the most dangerous occupation in the world. Nowadays, however, it's one of the safest ways to make a living. This is entirely due to the safety standards that the law has held for decades. If you want to stay licensed and keep mining, you will provide all of the safety equipment your miners need. On top of that, you had better also maintain your ventilation shafts and keep everything treated to avoid unnecessary dust inhalation. If you don't maintain a safe work environment, your operation deserves to be shuttered.



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